Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treatment of
Low Back Pain & Spinal Pain!!!

Research studies have shown acupuncture treatments' ability to mitigate and reduce significantly discomfort and symptoms of Lower Back Pain & Spinal Pain.

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Acupuncture can Treat...

Lower Back Pain

Study show a 33% improvement in pain or a 12% improvement in functional ability.

Spinal Cord Injury

Study show acupuncture improves sensory and motor functions in people with spinal cord injuries.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Research showing acupuncture treatment leading to clinically significant responses in those with lumbar spinal stenosis

What to Expect

Intake, History, Diagnosis

Every session will always begin with a brief discussion on goals or areas of focus followed by a formal TCM diagnosis by taking the pulse and looking at the tongue. If this is your first visit, Zachary will also go through a list of intake questions as well as a thorough discussion on your family medical history.

Treatment Session

Treatments are customized to your unique diagnosis and adjusted based on the goals you have established with Zachary. The treatment may use any one or combination of the following modelities: accupuncture, tui na, guasha, and cupping therapy.

Post Treatment Evaluation

Discussion on how you felt and what you may have experienced during the treatment. Evaluation on session goals and feedback.

Take Home Exercise & Info

Zachary will provide simple exercises and information on lifestyle changes that will assist in sustaining the treatment and your wellness.


*No HST on acupuncture Session

$ 130 / session

Initial Session

90 Minutes duration

  • Patient History & Intake Questionaire
  • Formal TCM Diagnosis
  • Treatment Session (with varying modelities)
  • Post Treatment Evaluation
  • Take Away Exercise or Info
$ 100 / session

Follow Up Session

60 minutes duration

  • Formal TCM Diagnosis
  • Treatment Session (with varying modelities)
  • Post Treatment Evaluation
  • Take Away Exercise or Info

Zachary Lui RAc

Zachary has over 8 years of apprenticeship training under various Chinese Medicine Practitioners.
My teachers have learned from prominent lineages. Four years of formal training at the
Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Diploma in Acupuncture.